50hr online meditation teacher Training


Deepen your personal practice, teaching and help others find peace and fulfilment as a certified meditation teacher

November 19 - December 4

50hr Online Meditation Teacher Training


This 50hr online, live and interactive meditation teacher training is an in-depth education in the philosophy of yoga and technique of kriya meditation, which you will then learn to embody and create a unique delivery to teach your students, building the confidence to practice, teach and ultimately graduating with an internationally recognised certification.  

Whether you want to become a meditation teacher, deepen your knowledge and teaching, start or grow your current yoga offerings this training program will provide you with the roadmap to teach meditation and transform, not only your life but your students lives.

This Meditation Teacher Training Is For You If...

You are ready to go beyond practising and teaching asana only yoga.

You’ve thought about teaching meditation, but you are not clear or confident in the science and practice of Meditation.

You want to learn how to effectively teach meditation and create meditation courses that are designed for your ideal client. 

...then, become a Mind Coach and learn our lineage-based method to teach Meditation and turn your passion into a sustainable yoga offering.



What will I learn?

The Mind Coach - 50hr Meditation Teacher Training is designed to give you the knowledge and steps to confidently practice and teach meditation. You will discover the hidden teachings within the yogic text and how to apply this teachings into your life and how to use the powerful, time-tested practices into easy-to-implement way to share them with your students.

A Strong Foundation

The Mind Coach Program is designed to give the solid foundation of yogic wisdom in an accessible and easy-to-implement knowledge to share with your students.

Roadmap to Meditation

Follow the roadmap of the yogis and learn to optimise the body, upgrade energy and reprogram the mind for success.

Personalized Teaching Strategies

Learn strategies to adapt your teaching offerings and content to your students level of practice, lifestyle needs for a unique experience.

Master Practices

Mind Coach practices have been passed down from two rich lineages of yoga masters. Learn highly effective and accessible practices to transform your students lives.

Understand the nature the mind

Learn to have a deeper awareness of how your mind operates & functions. Tap into a greater intelligence, evolve your consciousness, increase clarity and freedom and learn to share it with your community

Expert Techniques

Mark Breadner, the founder of YogaCoach, a master of yoga and Kriya practice, has created a profound yet accessible program for all levels of mediation practitioners and yoga teachers. Based on deep inner science and mastery these rich and proven practices will give you the confidence and clarity to create a positive impact and transform many lives in your community.

Are You Ready To Experience, Embody And Coach Transformative Meditation Practices?

Ready to become a certified




One payment $597

  • 50hr Mind Coach training and platform

  • Live Practices With Mark Breadner

  • Live Workshops With Mark Breadner

  • Live Q&A With Mark Breadner

  • Access Private Community

  • Practice Library

  • Course manual and teaching resources

  • 50hr Certification by YogaCoach & Yoga Alliance

  • BONUS YogaCoach Foundation Training

  • BONUS Dream Wild Training

Exclusive Online Meditation Course Template and Sales Page

payment plan

3 x payments of $222

  • 50hr Mind Coach training and platform

  • Live Practices With Mark Breadner

  • Live Workshops With Mark Breadner

  • Live Q&A With Mark Breadner

  • Practice Library

  • Access Private Community

  • Course manual and teaching resources

  • 50hr Certification by YogaCoach & Yoga Alliance

  • BONUS YogaCoach Foundation Training

  • BONUS Dream Wild Training

HOW IS mind coach trining DELIVERED?

All online:

Login from anywhere, anytime. Learn from the comfort of your home!

Lecture Library:

You will have access to the library of lectures from the moment you register so you can start learning right away.

Live weekend sessions:

Mark your calendar for live sessions with Mark Breadner. 3 consecutive weekends Saturday - Sunday you will have access to Live practice, workshop and Q&A sessions. Can’t make it? No worries. We’ll record them so you can watch them later. 

Community Engagment:

Share and connect with purpose driven yogis and meditators from around the world. Ask content questions, practice your teaching, connect and collaborate with the community.


Enrol in the MInd coach 50hr Meditation Program to receive a bonus package valued at over $1,200.


Access the Yoga Coach foundation training and learn how to use the sacred yogic text, we can develop an essential understanding of yoga and life, allowing our teaching to full effect and transfer the greatest impact. Yoga is a complete science, providing a framework for individuals to explore their potential. A yoga coach provides the structure to understand and implement the practices that create change.


Living in alignment with your most authentic self takes courage. It requires a body that supports a high-energy system and a razor-sharp focus to help set aside the things that don’t support your path. Combining clarity and purpose enables you to become a very powerful manifestor within the world.


Learn a simple, step-by-step approach to getting organized, create systems so that you can easily grow a sustainable yoga biz. This mini-training is an online and self-paced program that provides an easy and flexible approach to create and grow your online yoga business.

Learn from the best:


Mark Breadner international Yoga & Meditation Teacher. #1 Yoga Educator in Australia, Somatic Psychotherapist and founder of YogaCoach. For over 40 years, hundreds of people have been transformed by Mark's wisdom and teachings and access the YogaCoach methodology of teaching from Spirit

Mark's mission is to help yoga teachers utilise the whole of life systems of yoga to become the leaders for transformation and holistic health on the planet.

He has lead personally trained hundreds of yoga and meditation teachers and have coached and travelled with the Olympic Gold medallists and World Champions as a Yoga coach in swimming & surfing.

Mark's wisdom empower the yoga community with powerful lineage-based trainings that honour yoga's true essence and deeply transform people's lives.



We've helped thousands of meditators, coaches, mentors and yoga teachers become Mind Coaches empowering them to master their practice and teach meditation like a master!

What makes this program different?

Mind Coach Training is a time-tested and powerful system that delivers deep and life-changing results

Decades of experience

With over 40 years of practice and educating yoga teachers for over 25 years Mark Breadner has been at the leading edge of taking yoga into the future.


The fastest route to personal transformation because it uses the time tested system of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra. You will experience the profound benefits in your personal practice life and you teachings


We deliver excellence in yoga online education, with an interactive and engaging experience to make you learning accessible and empowering.


All YogaCoach trainings are accessible and inclusive to all. Making all the teachings and practices easy to understand and apply regardless of background and experience.

Are You Ready To Experience, Embody And Coach Transformative Meditation Practices?

Is this program right for me?

Those who want to take it to the next level

...If you are a new or experienced yogi who is ready to continue to evolve their practice and teaching and share yoga beyond asana Mind Coach is for you.

Those who want to expand their offerings

Want to grow your teaching offering? Mind Coach Training gives you the structure and confidence to create your own meditation workshops and programs.


Deepen your personal journey

You are a passionate about yoga and all things development and spiritual growth. Mind Coach will give you the inspiration, tools and knowledge to continue your inner evolution


You are not sure

You are not sure if you like to teach but you know you are interested. Mind Coach will give you the clarity and guidance to find your own path along the way.



Frequently asked questions

What is Mind Coach Training?

Mind Coach Training is a 50hr online accredited meditation teacher training program that provides a clear roadmap to help you establish a committed practice, and enable and empower you to teach meditation classes and courses

What if I'm a new teacher?

Whether you're a new teacher or have been teaching for a while and are looking to deepen your practice and expand your soulful business, it's critical to invest your time and money into learning the science of yoga, doing the correct practices, and gaining the confidence to share them with the world.

Will I receive a training certificate after completing this course?

You will receive 50hr YACEP points for Yoga Alliance and a YogaCoach certification. 

What are the course dates?

You start the moment you register for the course!

And you we will me LIVE for 3 weekends for live practice, workshop and Q&A sessions on Nov 19 - 20 - Nov 26 - 27 - Dec 3 - 4 from 7 am - 12 pm Bali time

Can’t make it? No worries. We’ll record them so you can watch them later. 

Can I enrol in this course if I’m not a yoga teacher?

Absolutely! If you are a passionate meditator, a wellness coach, or even completely new to the practice, this course will give you a solid foundation and understanding to help you deepen your practice and knowledge

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have life time access to the course content.

NOW'S THE TIME TO TAKE your teaching to the next level!

Become a mind coach

Learn the proven mind coach system to confidently teach meditation classes and evolve your teaching by expanding your knowledge and teaching toolkit.

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